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Meet the Builder

Matt is a native to Missouri. He is a law enforcement officer who's passion is to serve others. Matt is a woodworking hobbyist who's second passion is to be in his shop. He has enjoyed woodworking since he was a small child helping his grandpa in his shop. 

“My shop is my space to momentarily step away from life’s stressors and focus my energy on creating something that will bring joy to someone else.” -Matt

Who We Are



Located in Marshfield, MO, we
proudly serve the Southwest
Missouri area.

Our Mission

To provide quality, handmade
furniture at an affordable price
to the Southwest Missouri


We specialize in rustic,
farmhouse style furniture. But
we offer a variety of custom designs.

Our Promise

To provide high quality
craftsmanship, customer
service, and products that are
meant to last for years to

Our Products

At Bashioum Wood Builds, we offer a variety of custom products. All of our products are high-quality, unique, and built to last for years to come. Here are some of our most popular builds currently. 

Custom Bench

Custom Bench

Benches can be built to fit any space and can be customized with a variety of finishes. 


Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be customized to sit in any living space and come in a variety of different finishes. 


Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can be customized to fit in any space and can be sold individually or as a set.

Kitchen Table With Benches

Dining Table

Dining room tables can be customized with a variety of finishes and can be sold with or without benches. 


“At Bashioum Wood Builds, we strive for excellence in every step of the process. We use quality materials, offer unique designs, and aim to provide outstanding customer service." - Matt


Meet Our Team


Owner and Craftsman

Matt Bashioum
Matt is the owner and craftsman at Bashioum Wood Builds. In addition to his role as lead craftsman, he spends much of his time corralling and keeping his other teammates focused on the job.

Shop Manager

Elsie oversees the production of all projects and keeps a watchful eye on the details. She is the only four legged teammate that doesn’t complain about long hours in the shop and genuinely enjoys overseeing production.

Human Resources

Armani is always complaining (whining) about something. His most frequent complaints typically revolving around working conditions and his desire to be done for the day so he can go back inside and cuddle with mom. He often requires many food and nap breaks.


Remington is all play and no work. He spends most of his time taste testing wood scraps and playing in the saw dust. He will often carry his ball around the shop distracting other teammates and begging them to play fetch.

Client's Testimonial

Sterling S.

Amazing work! Top notch! He built us a custom farm style table and we love it. Impressed with the quality and turned out even better than we wanted. We will definitely be using him again for future projects!

Linda B

He does absolutely amazing work! I would highly recommend.

Brandi S.

Thank you so much for our custom order. You exceeded our expectations! I'm so happy we chose Bashioum Wood Builds for our project.

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